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What Makes Hendersonville, NC Such a Desirable Place to Live?

Has the fast pace of city life left you with little leisure time?  Are you tired of spending hours commuting on concrete freeways, only to come home to a view of neighboring apartment buildings you can practically touch when you open your windows?

Would you like a little greenery, scenery, and natural beauty in your daily life?  How about spacious living accommodations that include a bit of land for your vegetable or flower garden?  Maybe you’d like fresh air, mountain views, and friendly neighbors that know your name and say hello when they see you.

If you’re sick of the city and you’re ready to move your family to a small town, or you’re looking to retire to an affordable and relaxing locale, it’s time to find out why Hendersonville, NC is such a desirable place to live.

Friendly Hendersonville, NC Communities

If you want to go where everyone knows your name, you needn’t visit a bar in Boston.  What you’re seeking is small town appeal, and you can find it within the neighborhoods of Hendersonville, NC.  When you start searching for North Carolina mountain real estate for sale, one thing you’re sure to discover is that this gorgeous community is chock full of friendly neighbors.

Hendersonville is a small mountain town where residents look you in the eye and greet you in passing.  It’s a place where you can become involved in the community and make friends easily.  Big city life can be lonely and anonymous.  People are wary and guarded.  This is not the case is Hendersonville, where new residents soon become neighbors, friends, and permanent fixtures.

Idyllic Natural Surroundings

When you begin hunting for North Carolina mountain homes for sale, your biggest problem may be narrowing down the gorgeous locations available to live in.  Ringed by the stately mountains of western North Carolina, steeped in forested land, and located in the heart of apple country, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful natural setting in which to live.

Although North Carolina is a southern state, it still experiences all four seasons, especially in mountain regions, where snowfall is common during the winter.  The good news is that residents enjoy mild winter weather conditions, unlike the truly freezing temperatures further north.  Anyone who loves to watch the leaves change in fall, get a dusting of snow during winter holidays, see green shoots pop up in the spring, and enjoy long summer days of sunshine and greenery will find their heart’s desire in the natural beauty of Hendersonville.

Affordable Homes in the Mountains

The current median home price for Hendersonville, NC communities is just under $240,000, which is slightly less than the national median home price of nearly $267,000 predicted for 2019 by the National Association of Realtors.  For families looking for a safe and friendly community in which to raise children, or retirees seeking a slower and more affordable lifestyle in adult communities in North Carolina, this is great news.

Endless Entertainment

Hendersonville may not be the thriving metropolis that New York City or Las Vegas are, but it certainly has its charms, and house hunters seeking North Carolina mountain real estate for sale will find that there is no shortage of activities and entertainments to enjoy in their new place of residence.  The historic downtown area offers abundant dining, shopping, and entertainment options such as museums and art galleries, while the nearby Flat Rock Playhouse puts on comedies, dramas, and even musicals from February to December.

Plus, it’s just a half hour drive north to nearby Asheville for anyone seeking nightlife entertainments like bars and clubs.  What most new residents are sure to love, though, is all the opportunities to enjoy nature in and around Hendersonville, from the hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities punctuating the 500,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the Pisgah National Forest, to the scenic waterfalls dotting 10,000 acres in the DuPont State Recreational Forest.

Accommodating Retirement Living Communities

As sleepy little towns go, Hendersonville is a true gem, offering not only the charm of small-town life and the character of a historic setting, but also friendly inhabitants and plenty of opportunities to meet new people and explore local environs.  It’s a wonderful locale for retirees seeking relaxation in a welcoming and hospitable community.

There are several adult communities in North Carolina, as well as plenty of North Carolina mountain homes for sale, depending on your retirement plans.  Whether you’re looking for the amenities offered by retirement living communities or you’d rather view homes in the mountains that will accommodate visits from family and friends, there’s no shortage of options to explore when you move to Hendersonville, NC.

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